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Two-day Splitboard Tour and Mountaineering Skiing on Olympus

Splitboard Tour and Mountaineering Skiing on Olympus
Splitboard Tour and Mountaineering Skiing on Olympus
Splitboard Tour and Mountaineering Skiing on Olympus

Two-day Splitboard Tour and Mountaineering Skiing on Mount Olympus


Splitboard and alpine skiing Tour, is a two-day leisure and introduction tour to splitboard and alpine skiing, exploring new fields on Mount Olympus. It is held on Mount Olympus and more specifically on the West-Southwest, Thessaly Mount Olympus. The goal is the proper preparation, exploration and descent of remote peaks and slopes. Riders must be able to descend on a blue-red track and be in good physical condition.

The program is aimed at all those who wish to discover new fields for riding and touring on the slopes of the mythical mountain, lovers of backcountry riding and adventure.

There will be an update demonstration in:

  • Improvement in backcountry snowboard and skiing techniques
  • Use of splitboard and Mountaineering Ski
  • VARVA (avalanche victim search equipment)
  • Evaluation of the terrain
  • Check and evaluate the “down line”


Our accommodation will be in an organized mountaineering accommodation of 20 people, at 1800m altitude in the area of Vrysopoules, with organized cuisine. There is a fireplace and a minibar and all the amenities of an organized accommodation. For accommodation in one of the hotels in the area you can choose from our website (

On the 1st day after we settle in the shelter, there will be information about the equipment, touring and riding in the surrounding area, transition, demonstration of use of Arva-Shovel-Sonda, movement in a snowy field.

On the 2nd day there will be an ascent to the peak Agios Antonios 2820m, or to some other peak depending on the weather conditions and the quality of the snow.

And in the 2 days if the elevators of HK are operating, we will use them!

Those who want to rent a splitboard or mountaineering skis for the two days to contact us!





Saturday 26 February


  • Meeting time: 09:00 am
  • Meeting Point: KEOACH Parking (
  • 09:00 am: Meeting with the Drivers at KEOACH, acquaintance, equipment control.
  • 10:00 am- We settle in the Vrysopoules shelter
  • 10:30 am- Touring and riding around KEOACH, transition, use of equipment.
  • 13:00 pm-Return and rest to the shelter
  • 16:00 pm- Demonstration of using Arva-Sonda -shove, search for a victim in an avalanche.


Sunday, February 27


  • 07:00 pm -Preparation and departure for Agios Antonios 2820m or other peak depending on the conditions.X, end of program
  • 11:00 am – Arrival at the top, photos, free time, riding
  • 15:00 pm-Return to KEOACH


Technical information:

  • Total Excursion duration: 2 days
  • Total duration Touring-riding:  1st day 2-3 hours, 2nd day 7-8 hours
  • Height difference: 1100m
  • Hiking distance: 11-12km
  • Degree of Difficulty: 4/5




  • Good physical condition and love for nature are required.
  • Basic knowledge of using the equipment
  • Good physical and physical health


Participation fee:

130 € / person



  • Certified Trekking Hellas mountain escort
  • Winter climbing equipment (ax-bodrie-spikes or crampon-hiking sticks-Arva)
  • Accommodation in Vrysopoules (needs a light sleeping bag)
  • VAT 24%
  • Liability insurance
  • Organized and implemented by Trekking Hellas Mt. Olympus



What you should have with you:

  • Water mountaineering boots
  • Backpack 30-40 liters
  • Splitboard or alpine skiing
  • Pants and jackets
  • Isothermal
  • A feather or synthetic jacket
  • Glove-hat
  • Hat-scarf-gloves-hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • A fleece or sweatshirt
  • About 1.5 liters of water-snack



Prerequisite for completing the interest form:…/1V5SvUrPxcosletcLfbO2nEd…/edit

Registrations up to 3 days before the date.

Please fill in the form on the desired day of participation.

More information: by phone at +306974301684 – +302352082689 (Sakis Pitenis), by email at or by message on our page

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