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Terms of Use


1.1 The purpose of the website “” is to highlight the natural and cultural beauties of Greece and at the same time to inform visitors about its tourist infrastructure. With emphasis on the better promotion of Greek companies, the purpose of ALPHA GLOBAL E.E management company of the website “”, is its contribution to the development of Greek tourism in accordance with international market trends, for the benefit of travelers and all actors in the travel market. ALPHA GLOBAL E.E. based in Athens, seeks to be a reference point for Greek tourism and a valuable partner for businesses through integrated proposals to improve their traffic. “” will inform travelers by showing hotels, accommodation, campsites, car rental companies, shops, restaurants, entertainment centers, archaeological sites, museums, beaches, ski resorts, transport services and everything else a visitor needs to know. before and during his holidays in Greece.

1.2 The present general terms of use of the website (hereinafter the “Website”), which belongs to the company under the name “ALPHA GLOBAL E.E. TOURISM PROMOTION SERVICES “and distinctive title” ALPHA GLOBAL E.E “, which is based in Athens (6 Gambeta Street, Athens 10678), with number Γ.Ε.ΜΗ 161119603000, Α.Φ.Μ. 801666215 (hereinafter the “ALPHA GLOBAL E.E”)any specific terms of use applicable to a particular section or operation of the Website (between ALPHA GLOBAL E.E and the Service Providers as defined below or between you and ALPHA GLOBAL E.E), the Privacy Policy and the Tracker Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use”), as amended and in force from time to time, constitute the terms and conditions on which we make the Website available to you, applicable immediately upon your first visit on the Website and govern your navigation, use and legal relationship with ALPHA GLOBAL E.E and the promotion services it provides through the Website.The Terms of Use refer to and apply to all the services provided through the Website to you the user, as well as to all the services that may be added in the future and will be provided through the Website. Before continuing to browse the Website, we recommend that you carefully read the Terms of Use, which constitute a legally binding agreement (contract) between ALPHA GLOBAL E.E. you too.

By accessing the Website, the content and the services provided, you, the user of the Website, unreservedly declare and assure that you agree with the content of the Terms of Use and understand it. In case you do not agree with part and / or all of the Terms of Use you should stop browsing the Website and do not use the services provided through it.

ALPHA GLOBAL E.E is entitled to prohibit the use of the Website and its services provided through it in case of non-compliance by the user of the Terms of Use of the Website and the applicable legislation.

1.3 The Website is an online platform of ALPHA GLOBAL E.E, through which a complete portfolio of tourism products / services is displayed and access to third party products / services is provided (either in the environment of the Website by information provided by third parties, or in online third parties, in the content of which information in both the above cases ALPHA GLOBAL E.E is not entitled to intervene and is therefore not responsible for this).in particular, the Website provides third party services to you users and on the other hand promotion services of third party companies (hereinafter the third parties that provide services that are mainly catering, accommodation, tours, transport, entertainment services or any other service henceforth added or to whom the Website provides their promotion services through the Website and who are affiliated with ALPHA GLOBAL E.E by a contractual relationship will be called “Service Providers” for the sake of brevity).Therefore, any reference provided by the Website and / or ALPHA GLOBAL E.E. services will mean services provided to you by the Service Providers, since ALPHA GLOBAL E.E. does not provide services to you unless otherwise stated explicitly by section or function of the Website.

So through the Website the Service Providers can advertise their services and products, provide their services and sell their products, while you, as users can discover destinations in Greece, organize your trip,as an indication, order / book / buy / pay for tickets for transportation (air, ferry, rail, urban-long-distance) and / or entertainment (tickets for shows, entrance to museums and tours), rooms for accommodation in hotels and accommodation, and in general any kind of product that will be provided each time by the Service Providers (and not by ALPHA GLOBAL E.E, unless expressly stated through the Terms) through the Website.

1.4 Unless expressly stated and declared per service in these Terms of Use, ALPHA GLOBAL E.E does not itself provide services for ordering or booking or purchasing or paying for transport tickets (air, ferry, rail, intercity) and / or entertainment (tickets for shows, museum and tour tours) and / or rooms for accommodation in hotels and accommodation , and generally does not provide any service and does not sell any product to you.When making any order / reservation / purchase / payment of tickets (air, ferry, rail, urban-long distance), rooms for accommodation in hotels and accommodation, tickets for shows, admission to museums and tours, purchase of products and in general any through the Website you enter into a contract directly with the Service Provider.Therefore, due to the non-existence of a contractual relationship between the user and ALPHA GLOBAL E.E, the charges are made by the Service Provider. That is why we recommend that you read and print / print the terms of use of each Service Provider’s website to safeguard your interests and rights. The aforementioned information services are provided by ALPHA GLOBAL E.E to you the user for free. We do not charge you any amount for the information services we provide to you through the Website for the Greek travel product. The Service Providers that promote the services through the Website have a contractual relationship with ALPHA GLOBAL E.E and from them ALPHA GLOBAL E.E receives assistance for the promotion and advertising of their services, in order to provide you with free information services for the Greek travel product

1.5 All information published on the Website is provided directly by the Service Providers. ALPHA GLOBAL E.E does not control this information. Service Providers are solely responsible for the accuracy, completeness and accuracy of this information, such as prices, charges and fees for providing their service to you, availability, cancellation policy and in general the set of terms and conditions under which they provide their service to you.This information is not controlled by ALPHA GLOBAL E.E, since the Service Providers, through extranet, publish this information themselves on the Website. ALPHA GLOBAL E.E in no case guarantees and / or confirms the correctness, accuracy or completeness of the information of the Service Providers, nor is it responsible to you, the user, for any reason related to the contractual relationship between the Provider Services and you (such as indications for incorrect entry of information on the Website, incorrect information on the Website, unavailability and generally non-provision of the service, cancellation of the service, etc.). Unless expressly stated, the Website does not directly or indirectly constitute an endorsement or recommendation or suggestion to you of any Service Provider or its services / products.

1.6 The Website provides access to other websites, which are managed and for which (and their content) are the responsibility of the companies / companies to which they belong, including the websites of the Service Providers. ALPHA GLOBAL E.E is not entitled to intervene in the content of these websites and does not guarantee or assume any responsibility for their content, nor for the correctness, truthfulness, accuracy of the information provided to them.ALPHA GLOBAL E.E does not provide the same services of hospitality, accommodation, transport, catering, tour, excursion, rental nor sells related products, since the provision of these services and the sale of related products (eg tickets for air or ferry or rail transport, spectacle tickets, hotel reservations, etc.) are provided and concluded with you (the user) and the Service Provider. Therefore ALPHA GLOBAL E.E. does not bear any contractual or tort liability in case of non-performance, improper performance and in general any liability for any reason related to the provision of services or the sale of products of Service Providers, since these services are not provided by it and the products in question are not sold by it.

We encourage you to be especially careful when trading transactions for services provided and products sold by Service Providers, as such transactions are governed by terms that may be limited or disclaimed and that may require acceptance and / or your consent and / or your consent.

1.7 The Terms of Use as well as the services provided by ALPHA GLOBAL E.E through the Website may be modified from time to time with any frequency without special notice, while from the publication of the respective modifications on the Website their validity begins and they become binding. We recommend that you print or save a copy of the Terms of Use, as the Terms of Use will govern our relationship. Please check the Terms of Use regularly. Your use of the Website will be construed as your consent to the Terms of Use, as they apply each time.

1.8 If you have any questions about any issues regarding the content and services of the Website and the Terms of Use, you can contact us at e-mail:, while you can also write to us at: Gamveta 6, Athens, Greece or call us at: +30 210 3805488


2.1 It is forbidden for the user to use the Website to harm third parties in any way, as well as their rights, indicatively referring to their rights of protection of industrial and intellectual property and personal data. The user is prohibited from destroying, disabling, overloading or damaging the Website, using unauthorized means to modify the content of the Website, or interfering with its operation in any way.In case the user is provided with the possibility of accessing web sites through the Website, the unconditional acceptance that ALPHA GLOBAL E.E. does not bear any responsibility for the content and in general for anything related to them is presumed.

2.2 In any case, the user acknowledges and accepts unconditionally that he is solely responsible for any damage or injury to the Website, as well as third parties, regardless of the specific cause, form and name, as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the violation any terms of the present by the user.

2.3 The use of the Website and the services available through it presupposes that you, the user, have reached the age of 18, have legal capacity and have been duly authorized in case you use the services of the Website by the third parties for which you act.


Unless otherwise stated, the content of the Website, including intellectual property rights (industrial and intellectual property), intangible assets, images, graphics, photographs, drawings, text, structure and “look & feel”, are the intellectual property of ALPHA GLOBAL E.E and / or its third parties and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European Union law and international conventions and treaties.Therefore, none of them may be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, republished or “uploaded”, transmitted or distributed and presented to the public in any way, in whole or in part, unless you have prior in writing the consent of ALPHA GLOBAL E.E or the third party, beneficiary or licensee of the rights.You understand and agree that you do not have the right to reproduce, copy, sell, resell and / or commercially exploit in any way and for any reason all or part of the content contained on the Website, subject to all legal rights of ALPHA GLOBAL E.E. to exercise the relevant claims against the violator of this user term in any way.


4.1 The Terms of Use include the full content of the obligations and responsibilities of ALPHA GLOBAL E.E regarding the promotion services it provides through the Website, unless otherwise agreed in any more specific terms. The content and the promotion services of the Website are provided “exactly as it is”, without any warranty expressed or concluded by ALPHA GLOBAL E.E in any way.

4.2 With the express reservation of all legal rights of ALPHA GLOBAL E.E, ALPHA GLOBAL E.E does not guarantee, does not assume any obligation and is not subject to any liability (civil or criminal) except explicitly defined in the Terms of Use and for any damage was caused to the user by the use of the Website and / or by the services provided by the Service Providers (as indicatively not responsible for the suitability, availability, adequacy, security of the products / services of the Service Providers).

ALPHA GLOBAL E.E under any circumstances and in any case, including the case of negligence – to the maximum extent permitted by law – is not liable for any kind of damage suffered by the user of the Website or any third party (property or not, positive or negative, direct or indirect or any other form and cause):

(a) from the use / provision of the services and contents of the Website (eg non-completion of reservation, comments and content published on the Website by third party users, inaccurate information from the Service Providers), in which use is made on its own initiative and with the knowledge of the Terms of Use, and / or

(b) consequence of the actions of any user of the Website in violation of the Terms of Use, the possible more specific terms agreed between ALPHA GLOBAL E.E and the user and the applicable legislation,

(c) due to force majeure and incidents outside the sphere of influence of ALPHA GLOBAL E.E, such as any unavailability or errors of the Website and its contents and services (indicative and not restrictive: unavailability of internet, power outage, failure equipment, telecommunications failure) or other technical reasons or for reasons related to the technical maintenance of the Website,

(d) due to illegal acts or omissions of providers or third parties, including Service Providers (indicatively and not restrictively lack of their licensing, non-application of security rules, bugs, software viruses, sabotage, modification of the Website without the consent of ALPHA GLOBAL E.E κα),

(e) due to information and material available on the Website and provided by third party affiliates of ALPHA GLOBAL E.E or granted to ALPHA GLOBAL E.E under license or collected from third party sources (including Service Providers), which are not controlled by ALPHA GLOBAL E.E,

(f) due to comments and / or other content posted by any third party or user on the Website.

Users are solely responsible for all transactions made through or as a result of the use of the Website, as well as for the specific terms and conditions of such transactions.

Without prejudice to any rules of compulsory law of the current legislation, the liability for compensation of ALPHA GLOBAL E.E against the user or a third party for any claim (including tort) is excluded.

You agree to indemnify ALPHA GLOBAL E.E from any liability, claim, damage and expense in case of violation by you of the Terms of Use and which due to this violation caused the above to ALPHA GLOBAL E.E .

4.3 You expressly agree and accept that the respective Service Provider is solely responsible for you in relation to the services provided by it to you, through the Website, since ALPHA GLOBAL E.E is not a seller or reseller of a service or product. of the Service Provider. For any complaint or claim against the Service Provider you should contact the Service Provider directly, with whom you only have a contractual relationship.


5.1 The Website contains references through links, hyperlinks or advertising banners or otherwise to the websites of the Service Providers, whose availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of their services are provided by ALPHA GLOBAL E.E. does not control.ALPHA GLOBAL E.E in no case bears any responsibility for the availability, content, privacy policy, quality or accuracy of the pages and functions of the website of any third party, which are available to the visitor / user through links, links or banners.Therefore, in case of any problems that arise during the visit or use of such pages / functions, the visitor / user should contact directly the webmasters who will be responsible for these functions.

5.2 In no event may ALPHA GLOBAL E.E endorse or endorse the content or functions of the websites and websites to which visitors / users refer or to which this Website is linked in any way.

5.3 The user expressly and unconditionally accepts that ALPHA GLOBAL E.E. is not responsible for any loss or damage, regardless of the specific cause, its name and form, which you may have suffered as a result of the availability of the above external websites or resources, or as a result of any trust shown in the completeness, accuracy or existence of any advertisement, any product or other material contained or available on the above websites or sources.

5.4 We advise you to carefully read the terms of use and the privacy policy and cookies policy of these websites and to keep a copy of them.


6.1 The content of comments published by you on the Website must be accurate, true and legal and in accordance with applicable law, and should not infringe the rights of ALPHA GLOBAL E.E or third parties.

6.2 ALPHA GLOBAL E.E. does not assume any responsibility for any comment posted by any user, while reserving the right to remove any comment it deems to be in violation of applicable law.


7.1 The Terms of Use, any modification thereof, as well as all matters relating to the Website and the services provided by ALPHA GLOBAL E.E (and through this Website) are governed by and governed by Greek Law.

7.2 In the event that any dispute arises between you and ALPHA GLOBAL E.E from your use of the Website, the courts of the Municipality of Athens have sole jurisdiction to resolve any dispute related to the Terms of Use and the Website. The exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Municipality of Athens also includes precautionary measures, interim injunctions and disputes arising from tort.

7.3 Any provision of the above terms is found to be contrary to the above legal framework or becomes invalid, automatically terminates and is removed from this, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms.

7.4 The Terms of Use are provided in Greek and English. In case of disagreement, Greek will prevail.

7.5 Any delay in the exercise or abstention from the exercise of a right of ALPHA GLOBAL E.E in no case will imply or be interpreted as a waiver of that right.

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