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V. Kikilias in N.C.P.D.: Our goal is to make Greece accessible to all visitors


It was decided to sign a cooperation protocol between the National Confederation of Persons with Disabilities (N.C.P.D.) and the Ministry of Tourism to develop synergies aimed at ensuring access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility throughout the tourism chain. During today’s teleconference of the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias and the President of N.C.P.D. Ioannis Vardakastani.

Mr. Kikilias characterized the Government’s top priority as the formulation of a national strategy for Accessible Tourism, with the central goal of making Greece accessible to all its visitors.

He stressed that accessible tourism policies will upgrade our tourism product and extend the tourist season in the country.

As agreed, the protocol will focus on comprehensive accessibility information, the integration of a relevant educational unit in tourism schools of all levels, and the development of education and training programs for people with disabilities in tourism professions and support for their employment in the labor market.

Finally, it was decided to co-organize an international forum on Accessible Tourism that will take place annually in a different region of the country.


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