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The effect of the war on tourism in Greece

The effect of the war on tourism in Greece

  A breather before the tourist season and the Ukraine-Russia war brings new hoarseness for professionals after the pandemic, with the competent tourist service of Russia announcing that it is abolishing the sale of tourist packages for the countries that have imposed sanctions on it.

  This means that the prospects that were particularly encouraging for this year are now in the air after the severe economic sanctions of the EU in Russia, including the ban on flights with closure of the airspace, which will lead to the loss of Russian tourists. from the tourist resorts of Greece.According to the data of Greek Federation of Hoteliers in 2019, 600,000 Russian tourists visited Greece leaving 433m in the country euro. This year there was optimism for an increase in visitors from Russia with scheduled flights reaching 24 weekly routes from Moscow to Athens and 31 routes from Moscow to Heraklion Crete, which together with Halkidiki are the most popular Greek destinations for Russian travelers. At the same time there were discussions for the addition of direct flights to Chania, Mykonos, Kos and the Ionian Islands.

  A major problem arising from the Russia-Ukraine war is the energy crisis that will be created and will significantly increase the costs of tourism businesses. Significant price increases in food and raw materials will also contribute to the increase in costs, with wheat, corn and sunflower oil heading towards a negative market price record.The maintenance costs of catering and hospitality businesses have already increased significantly in recent months and an impending spike in energy prices will have a negative impact on tourism businesses and consequently on consumers of their services and products as the extra costs will pass into the pockets and of two.

  This week is crucial for hotel and accommodation bookings in case the war between Russia and Ukraine continues. According to the data of the hosting companies from the very next day of the beginning of the war, there is a freezing of the reservations from the USA and Europe. Surely we all hope the war will end immediately and all we can do is wait.




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