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Naxos Island

Naxos, the island for every season. 

Naxos is a unique combination of thrills and delights.In the summer it is full of life while in winter it offers relaxed holidays in the picturesque mountainous villages
Chora, the Duchy and points of interest.
The heart of the town beats in the Old Chora, the Venetian “Castletown”.
The tour, entertainment, and history of the island start from there. Points of interest are traditional villages like Apiranthos with its houses made of stone and the public squares. Filoti is a picturesque mountainous villages built on the slope of mountain Za. Sagri village consists of three districts with Venetian towers and traditional windmills. Naxos was the seat of the Duchy of the Archipelago. It’s worth visiting Bazeos tower in Sagri, the tower of Glezos (Crispi) at Chora and Belonia tower in Galanado.
Lesser Cyclades. Holidays to Naxos can be combined with a trip to the nearby islands of lesser or smaller Cyclades, Irakleia, Schoinousa, Donousa and Koufonisia.
Beach destinations. Organised or not, the beaches at Naxos can be enjoyed by everyone. For water sport fans there are options too.
1. Agios Georgios is the closest beach at Chora, the capital village. It is a sandy beach with shallow waters.
2. Agios Prokopios is an organised beach 5 km from Chora with many water sports available including scuba diving.
3. Agia Anna is located right after Agios Prokopios beach. It is a family friendly sandy beach with crystal water.
4. Plaka is a continuation of Agia Anna beach and one of the most beautiful of the island but also in Greece. It’s a long sandy beach with sand dunes and turquoise waters.
5. Mikri Vigla beach is actually two beaches separated by a rock. The northern beach is exposed to meltemi (north winds in the Cyclades) therefore ideal for wind/kitesurfing. The southern beach is protected from the winds which makes it an ideal destination for families.
6. Kastraki is a beautiful white sandy beach. It is quite long and more quiet in the off season and windy enough for surfing.
Entertainment. The night life of the island is gathered mostly on the coastal road of Chora but also in the narrow alleyways. Inside the Kastro (castle), theatre plays and music concerts take place while outside are traditional tavernas, nice restaurants and bars. Outside the capital, nightlife can be found at the most known beaches of Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna.
Sights. The famous “Portara” is a massive doorway of the unfinished temple of Apollo.
The Venetian castle along with the museum will give visitors an impression of how life was in the Duchy of Archipelago during the Venetian rule.
Local products: A favourite liqueur among locals and tourists is the Citron made of a fruit of the same name. Naxos is also famous for the potatoes growing there but also for the selection of cheeses like graviera and mizithra.
Arrival: The island of Naxos is accessible from Piraeus, the port of Athens, and from Rafina in Attica with frequent ferries throughout the year. The small airport of Naxos has scheduled flights from Athens mostly and during the summer.


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