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The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki is a state museum of the Ministry of Culture and has been an autonomous unit since 2001. It has been housed in a building, designed by architect Patroklos Karantinos since 1962 and it has been designated as a listed monument of modern heritage, as it is one of the most representative examples of architectural modernism in Greece. Its collections include artifacts and assemblages from excavations conducted since 1912 by the Greek Antiquities Service throughout Macedonia. The museum also houses objects that used to be part of private collections and were later donated to it.

Following a long period of extensive renovation and reorganization of both the exhibits and the storage and the administrative sections, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki reopened its gates to the public in September 2006. During the restoration phase, in conjunction with the extension of the Museum?s premises, the permanent collections were also redesigned and exhibited in a way that would serve the needs of modern visitors.

The Museum’s exhibition proposal comprises of eight units, through which the visitors come in contact with the world of ancient Macedonia, its culture and its people:1. Prehistoric Macedonia, 2. Towards the Birth of Cities, 3. Macedonia form the 7th c. BC until the late antiquity, 4. Thessaloniki, Metropolis of Macedonia, 5. The Gold of Macedon, 6. Field, House, Garden, Grave, 7. Memory in stone, 8. Macedonia: from fragments to pixels


Administrative Information:

Official Unit:
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
6 M. Andronikou Str., Τ.Κ. 54621, Thessaloniki (Prefecture of Thessaloniki)
Telephone: +30 2313 310201
Fax: +30 2310 861306


Full: €8, Reduced: €4
From November 1st to March 31st the ticket price for the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki is 4 euros for all visitors.


Amenities for the physically challenged:
Entrance for visitors with special needs.


Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki


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