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Dragonlake of Tymfi

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Dragonlake of Tymfi and Dragonlake of Smolikas is one of the most famous lakes of Epirus and is connected by a beautiful legend. The term Dragonlake refers to the alpine lakes that are formed mainly in the mountains of Epirus. Created during the last glacial period.

Dragonlake of Tymfi is located in an alpine meadow of mountain Tymfi, at an altitude of 2,050m. , its shape is elliptical and its area is estimated at 8 acres. It is a popular destination for climbers and hikers, while it is known for its alpine newts, a protected amphibian that looks like a salamander and the locals call it Little dragons and which is hosted in the waters of the lake. It is a 1-hour walk from the shelter in the col of Astraka and 4 hours walk from Mikro Papigo.

There are various myths and legends about the Dragonlake of Tymfi, with the best known being the one who wants to live there, a dragon who tried to exterminate the dragon that lived in the Dragonlake of Smolikas. From the stones that flew at each other, the banks were formed. The bank of Tymfi is black with scattered white stones while Smolikas is white with scattered black stones. While there is an interpretation of the myth that says that, from the stones thrown by the Dragon of Tymfi were created the white rams and from the trunks thrown by the dragon of Smolikas were created the black sheep.

Another legend says that the Dragonlake of Tymfi had no bottom and that a great treasure was hidden there, but in reality, the depth is 3 to 5 meters depending on the prevailing conditions. There is a theory that during the Turkish occupation a Bey had put a diver from Preveza to dive to measure the depth of the lake and find the treasure. When he came out after an hour he was terrified and said not to try to do the same again.

Today Dragonlake of Tymfi is the ideal destination for those who love nature and have an appetite for walking while attracting photographers for impressive images.

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