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Gorge of Asopos

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The gorge of Asopos, is a place of unique beauty, as it offers impressive images to visitors and is often a destination for professionals in the field of photography, in order to immortalize the instant beauty offered by the landscape, depending on weather conditions and light. You are located in Fthiotida, about 200 km away from Athens, and is an ideal destination for an escape from the city

The gorge of Asopos is a narrow passage between the mountain slopes of Oiti and Kallidromo and leads the waters of Eastern Oiti to the river Sperchios and through it to the Gulf of Maliakos. Thus, along the gorge, a wetland has been created, of great ecological importance, while the trees such as willows, plane trees, holly trees, and the low vegetation that you can see, fill the landscape with color and make it enchanting

The most famous route followed by hikers starts from the large and imposing railway bridge of Papadia and ends at the bridge of Asopos, where it is located at the end of the gorge. On this route, you are accompanied by the waters of the Asopos river. The Railway Trail was created at the end of the 19th century when the railway line Kato Tithoreas-Lianokladi was built. The railway lines offer images of infinite beauty. In this part, the greatness of nature competes in beauty with human intervention

At Kouvelos, an impressive rock-mountain, which dominates the gorge of Asopos, one can see the archaeological site of the Castle of Oria, where the remains of the ancient city and the wall that probably belong to Ancient Trachina are preserved. On the outskirts of Oiti and Kallidromo was ancient Heraklion, one of the five cities of the kingdom of Achille

The gorge of Asopos is a popular destination all year round but mainly in Autumn and is usually a meeting place for hiking clubs and nature lovers.

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