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Lake Tsivlou, Akrata

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Lake Tsivlou in Achaia is one of the few mountain lakes in the Peloponnese and is created by a landslide that occurred in 1913. The result of this landslide was the disappearance of the village of Sylvaina, which had been abandoned in time, while tons of soil and rocks crushed the village of  Tsivlos, from which it took its name, while they blocked the bed of the river Krathi and formed the lake. The waters of the lake are fed by three streams that descend from the forests and from at least two springs that exist beneath the surface.

Lake Tsivlou is located in the Municipality of Aegialia, on the slopes of Helmos and at an altitude of about 700 meters, just two hours away from Athens. Its depth is about 80 meters but this varies depending on the weather conditions prevailing per season. It is a destination for all seasons since the landscape is magnificent. Tsivlou lake is surrounded by forests of black pines, firs, and aleppo pines, but also mountains, which make the lake look like a blue meadow.

The fauna of the lake is rich in freshwater mullet trapped by the Krathi River but also in carp mosquito fish, trout, and crayfish placed there by the inhabitants of the surrounding villages without conducting any study. Due to its young age – not even 100 years old – that makes it one of the youngest lakes in Europe, the flora has not developed much, except for some reeds but also a peculiar hydrophyte that prevails in its seabed.

The inhabitants of the village of Sylvaina, which was lost at the bottom of the lake, created a village of the same name near Akrata. If you look at the Lake from above you can easily understand the location of the village that was lost. On the internet one can find testimonies of creepy residents from the moment of the landslide and destruction while the deafening noise caused, looked like a bombing.

Nowadays, the lake is an ideal place for walking and relaxing and is a place to visit if you find yourself in Achaia

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