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Mavra Volia Beach, Chios

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Mavra Volia beach is probably the most impressive beach of Chios. It is covered with black, shiny, volcanic pebbles, which give a deep blue color to the deep and cool waters of the beach and all this creates the feeling that you are in some magical part of the planet. At the back of the beach, rise large imposing rocks, which offer their shade to bathers and complete the unsurpassed image of the beach and make the landscape even more beautiful.

Mavra Volia is located in the southern part of the island, 30 km from the city of Chios and five km from the village of Emporio, where there are many accommodations for you to stay and a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment. The area got its name from the coastal pebbles of the beach, which came from the eruption of the volcano Psaronas. the volcano is located next to the beach and has been inactive since antiquity.

Mavra Volia beach is divided into two parts. One is Mavra Volia or Mavros Gialos and the second is Foki, which is a little further away and for this reason it is not always very crowded. Before you make the decision to visit Foki, we suggest that you have the necessary items that you will need for your stay on the beach since the distance from the nearest canteen is a bit tiring.Ιt will also be smart to have an umbrella with you that will protect you from the sun, if you plan to extend your stay on the beach and mats because, as in most beaches of the island, there are no sunbeds.

Beyond any doubt, Mavra Volia beach is a place that you must visit if you are on the beautiful island of Chios, since in 2017 it was voted as the most beautiful beach in Greece and this made it very famous all over the world.

Type: Pebbles
Depth: Deep
Accessibility: Easy
Organized: No
Disabled support: No

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