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Navagio beach, Zakynthos

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Navagio beach is definitely the most popular beach of Zakynthos. Although, it is accessible only from the sea by ships and boats (it runs all day) and is known for its clear waters and beautiful white sand. At first you guessed that at that point there was a beach with black pebbles, but the landslides that took place over the years, created this creek that offers an idyllic landscape to visitors.

Navagio beach is isolated and there are no shops, for this reason those who decide to visit it must obtain what they need before boarding the means that will take them there. The rising rocks, offer a feeling of isolation, although rarely is the beach crowded anymore.

The shipwreck that dominates the beach and from it got its name, in addition to offering shading points has a curious history. In October 1980, the ship “PANAGIOTIS”, which was carrying 1985 boxes of smuggled cigarettes, was located by the Greek port authorities.

Becouse of  a mechanical failure, it had run aground in Spirili bay, as the beach was then called. The crew of the ship, which consisted of  7  Greeks and 2 Italian mobsters who controlled the goods, was delivered to the Port Authority 2 days after the shipwreck.

After interrogations, it turned out that the captain broke the agreement he had made with the Italian Mafia, held hostage the two Italian mobsters on board and tried to sell the smuggled cigarettes to his advantage.
In September 2015, on the beach of the shipwreck, filming took place for the Korean TV series “Descendants of the Sun”.

Definitely Navagio beach is a place that you must visit if you are in Zakynthos, as apart from the 10 best beaches in Greece, it is also one of the 50 most beautiful in the world.

Type: Fine sand
Depth: Medium
Accessibility: Hard
Organized: No
Disabled support: No

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