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The Salad Project, a project that we share daily with all of you, was created in 2014 in order to change our eating habits. We are the most specialized restaurant, whose menu completely promotes healthy eating and contributes to the protection of health.

For us, it was very important to prove that a healthy meal can be delicious at the same time and we did it, through our collaboration with an experienced Chef and a distinguished Nutritionist

At The Salad Project we believe in love and care for the “self”, through nutrition, but we also believe in love and care for the environment. From the beginning, we used only ecological packaging and over time we managed to become a completely Eco-Friendly store.

We also participate, together with your help, in the effort of the non-governmental organization “WE CAN”, in order to wisely manage the waste of food resulting from a daily operation in a restaurant and to offer to our fellow human beings. Together we can!



In the world of  The Salad Project 

Evita and Thalia Lekaki

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