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Skra waterfalls

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Skra waterfalls are located on the northern border of the country and at a distance of only 4 km from the historic village of Skra and 85 km from Thessaloniki. The characteristic emerald waters of the lake in combination with the waterfalls, and the vegetation, create a magical landscape especially when the sunlight falls on it.
The waterfalls are formed by the dozens of streams of Mount Paiko that run together, ending at Lake Skra also known as the “Blue Lake”. It owes its color to the fossilized organisms that are at the bottom, while at the point where the waterfalls are located, the limestone dominates and the stream over the years has sculpted the stone, forming a wonderful landscape.
The area is particularly dense in vegetation consisting of plane trees, alders, beeches, oaks, walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, etc. Ivy, laurel, boxwood, climacteric, bearberry grow among many flowers from which stand out Digitalis Grandiflora, Campanula Versicolor, Aristolochia rotunda, Pulmonaria rubra, Coronilla varia, Geranium robertianum, and rubra C, longifolia, Epipactis helleborine, Limodorum Abortivum, and many more.
Another feature of the area is the bird fauna that includes many species of birds. From the predators stand out the wasps, the hawks, the hawks, the houchouristes, and the owls. The most characteristic birds that feed on microorganisms near the water are the waterfowl, the yellow squirrels, and the ash squirrels, while in the dense vegetation they find the protection, tree trunks, nightingales, red chewing gums, chewing gums, gnats, cockroaches, snails perforated fences, red necks, black hats, etc.
The reptile fauna of the area consists of salamanders, toads, yellow foxes, gray frogs, tree frogs, Balkan frogs, Mediterranean turtles, cognacs, green lizards, gnats, water snakes, shuttles, and vipers. Wolves, jackals, and roe deer live on the hills around the area. Near the Kotza-Dere stream, there are otters, while the fauna is supplemented by foxes, wild boars, badgers, ferrets, weasels, hares, hedgehogs, woodpeckers, and various bats.
There is open parking for the car and you continue on foot for about 300 meters, through a stone path with wide stairs and the beautiful wooden bridge to find the waterfalls of Skra.
The Skra area is also known for one of the most important battles fought during World War I. There is also a World War I Museum that is worth a visit if you are in the area.

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