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Vikos gorge, Zagorohoria, Ioannina

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Vikos gorge is one of the most famous gorges in Greece and has been included in the Guinness Book, as the deepest gorge in the world, calculated in terms of proportion of dimensions. It is located in the prefecture of Ioannina and is the core of the Vikos-Aoos National Park, where various and rare species of flora and fauna live. Characteristic is that 130 species of birds, 21 species of reptiles, 10 species of amphibians, and 24 species of mammals have been identified, of which the most important are bears (Ursus Arctos), boars (Sus Scrofa) and the otter (Lutra Lutra).
The gorge is about 11 kilometers long and in many places the depth exceeds 1,000 meters. It is crossed by Voidomatis, a tributary of the Aoos, and has water all seasons. There are many who characterize it as the “Grand Canyon” of Greece.The gorge was formed after a strong geological reorganization during the geological period. The oldest traces of human activity in this area are found in 40,000 BC.
The flora in the area of ​​the gorge is very diverse, and until the beginning of the 20th century, the herbs of the valley were used by local practitioners (Vikojatrou) for therapeutic purposes.The most popular tourist route, is the Vicos Canyon, which lasts more than 4 to 5 hours even for experienced walks, and offers landscapes of unique beauty in an environment full of oxygen. A place that impresses visitors is the chapel of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which is built in the gorge of Vikos, on a plateau, on the banks of Voidomatis. The landscape from the village of Vradeto to Beloi and from Oxia to the gorge is panoramic.
In the area of ​​the gorge it is strictly forbidden, any human activity related to animal husbandry and of course it is strictly forbidden to logging, as the area is recommended.

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