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The Easter customs of Greece

easter egg

The Easter customs of Greece, many times, are in themselves a pole of attraction for tourists in various parts of Greece. It is no coincidence that religious tourism is a large part of Greek tourism, not only for visitors from other countries but also for domestic visitors who want to experience and see these customs up close. The whole period of Lent has special celebrations from the clear Monday with the flying of the eagle, which is the beginning of Lent, until the epitaph, the Resurrection, and Easter Sunday that each place has its customs to celebrate.
Easter in every region is not much different, and the fact is that for the Greeks, Easter is one of the biggest family holidays. Below we will develop the most impressive customs by region.

Chios easter

Starting from Vrontado of Chios where rocket warfare is a custom that is observed every Easter. The parishes of Agios Markos and Panagia Ereithiani, as soon as Christ is Resurrected on the night of Holy Saturday, launch thousands of improvised rockets aimed at the bell tower of the rival church. This Rocket War, although dangerous, offers a unique spectacle to the visitors of the Island. This custom dates back to the years of Turkish rule and has evolved to this day.

In Paros Every Easter the representation of the Passion of Jesus takes place. During the procession of the Epitaph in the mountain villages of the island, about 200 people of all ages participate in this custom and bring to life scenes from the entrance to Jerusalem, until the martyrdom of the Crucifixion.

corfu easter

In Corfu, we meet a marriage of Venetian tradition with Orthodox customs. The custom of “Botides“. At noon on Holy Saturday, when the First Resurrection takes place, the people of Corfu throw huge jugs full of water – the boots – from their balconies to the sounds of the island’s philharmonic orchestra playing merry-go-rounds. The ¨botides¨ are large clay jugs with a narrow mouth and handles on the side that help transports them and are decorated with red ribbons.

In the town of Andros on the morning of Holy Saturday, the Lemon festival takes place and visitors have the opportunity to taste the local sweets based on the special lemon variety of the island. On the night of the Resurrection, the inhabitants of the island fill the ¨Masculas ¨ – large cast-iron cannons – with gunpowder, which thunders them in every direction.

hydra easter

In Hydra, on the night of Good Friday, the procession of the Epitaph takes place, in the sea. The Vastazos enter the water up to their knees and rest the feet of the Epitaph in the water, to be blessed and sanctify the waters. The custom was first performed in Kaminia in 1923 and is a prayer in favor of sailors who travel, for quiet voyages and a good return.

The custom of Tinos with the burning Cross, the torches, and the Epitaph of Agios Nikolaos at sea, is one of the most impressive customs of Good Friday. In Chora, the procession of the Catholic Epitaph takes place first and then 7 Epitaphs from an equal number of parishes are gathered on a marble platform, where the Praises are sung, under the echo of the horns of boats and ships.

These are just some of the most impressive customs in Greece for the celebration of Easter. In any case, to be in provincial Greece for the Orthodox Easter and to be able to experience up close the local customs and the traditional cuisine of each place, is an experience that follows you throughout your life.





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