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The main travel trends for 2022

The main travel trends for 2022
The main travel trends for 2022
The main travel trends for 2022

Google has partnered with polling company Ipsos to conduct research on the main travel trends for 2022. The study may have been done before the outbreak of the Omicron mutation and the war between Russia and Ukraine, but it does show what will dominate this summer season.


The main travel trends for 2022


According to a survey conducted in the public of the United States of America, travel will become more important, with an emphasis on creating “unique moments” in places that have not been visited before and which have been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the intention to spend more this year compared to 2019.

But what are the most important statistical conclusions from this research?

62% of respondents said that the overall image of a company they had visited in the past played a significant role in their bookings while 70% of travelers said that the cancellation policy would influence their final decision. 85% pay close attention to the company’s pricing policy and 70% are very interested in the protection measures taken by each tourism business against Covid-19.

The research also looked at the reasons that influenced travelers to choose their destinations. 57% of respondents used the internet as a source of travel inspiration when at the same time three out of four prospective tourists search for travel information through online travel guides, influencers and the experiences of friends and acquaintances.


The main travel trends for 2022


Also 2 in 10 travelers said they want more cultural activities under the guidance of experts. In short, they seek activities and tours in which professional guides will enable the traveler to relax and learn what an area has to offer in travel in 2022 or later.

Another important conclusion is that half of those who participated in this research, stated that the ecological image of the company also played a big role in their final decision.

Who will be the winners of this tourist season?

Research shows that travelers are determined to spend more money, so the winners will be cultural experience providers (tours and attractions), tourism businesses that serve visitors to the country and companies that meet health safety standards.


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